Blank Rome’s education policy team understands the important role that education policy plays in our nation’s future. We are able to provide top-notch assistance to our education clients because we stay in constant contact with policy makers at the federal, state, and local level. Our clients turn to Blank Rome for our deep understanding of the ever-changing policy issues surrounding all levels of education and our strong relationships.

Our education policy team stays informed and up-to-date on an education environment that is constantly evolving due to emerging technology and the various ways that courses and content are being delivered to students at all levels of schooling. Whether it is distance learning, the use of e-readers and smart boards, or refining the use of data to adjust lesson plans to the needs of individual students, we track emerging issues in order to address our clients’ policy goals.

As the nation has witnessed seismic shifts in education policy at all levels of government, Blank Rome stands ready to assist its clients in addressing issues affecting pre-school through post-secondary education, including:

  • Common standards and assessments
  • Charter schools and other education reform efforts
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act Reauthorization
  • Technological advances in education, including online and distance learning
  • Research on competitive federal grant opportunities
  • College affordability, student lending, and financial aid programs
  • Improving access to higher and vocational education for minority and other under-served students
  • Campus security
  • Study abroad agreements
  • University linkages with Pre-K-12 school systems for college preparedness